TheBackPacker June 22, 2016 0

MSR Thru Hiker Mesh House

If you are planning a Thru-Hike, then you are obviously are looking for a lightweight shelter. Or at least we hope you are. The MSR Thru Hiker Mesh Houe caught our eye.

One has to be prepared for anything on the  Pacific Crest Trail: marshy meadows and mosquitos in the Sierra Nevadas, bear encounters in Yosemite, thunderstorms in the Cascade Range, and, apparently, marriage proposals near Mount Adams. At least that’s what Erin Parsons and Mike Porzio experienced during their PCT adventure in 2014. For Erin and Mike, it was a life-changing trip across approximately 1,000 miles in 100 days. For the MSR Shelter team, which was at the time

The MSR Thru-Hiker shelter system offers users the excellent ventilation and bug-free protection they want, but in an ultralight shelter with enough livable space for two or three people (depending on the model) to be comfortable for months on the trail. What’s truly unique about the design is its highly adaptable pairing system, allowing one to choose a preferred weight and protection level for a particular trip or specific thru-hike segment.