Scott Janz August 31, 2016 0

Healthy Eating in the Backcounty

If you spend anytime in the outdoors whether it’s camping, or backpacking, you can understand the frustration when it comes to healthy eating. Sometimes it’s just easier to buy a freeze dried meal and pack it. What a pleasant surprise to eat a GOOD TO-GO Meal while backpacking last week. Most freeze dried foods are only really a benefit after your body starts burning thousands of calories a day. But what about a 3-5 night backpacking trip? Some foods just are NOT good for you. Loaded with high sodium and preservatives, just not something you may want to eat.

Good To-Go was founded by Jennifer Scism, accomplished chef and long-time co-owner of Annisa, a nationally recognized restaurant in New York’s Greenwich Village. Jen’s career has long been focused on the importance of good food. As a backpacker, Jen struggled with the limited opportunity for fresh and delicious foods. Being a professional chef, she was not going to last eating the packaged meals already out there. So she began preparing her favorite meals and dehydrating them in her countertop dehydrator. It was do or die, or at the very least…go hungry. Through trial and error, the two were able to sit down, take in their surroundings and complete their adventures with an amazing meal. Jen’s creations were so delicious that they wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them.

We tested the GOOD TO-GO THAI CURRY SPICY YELLOW COCONUT CURRY WITH VEGETABLES & JASMINE RICE.  All we could say was “WOW”!. We are SOLD!  Not only were we impressed by the all natural ingredients, but it’s also Gluten Free. So refreshing to eat a freeze dried meal that is actually good for you.

I brought along Outdoor Author and advid backpacker Ariane Petrucci to sample some of the other GOOD TO-GO MEALS, like Smoked Three Bean Chili and the Pad Thai. We went out for a 3 night trip in the Pisgah National Forest and our packed dinners did not disappoint.

To see all of GOOD TO-GO MEALS check out their site and see for yourself their story.

Huge thank you to Justin Hagen at GOOD TO-GO for the opportunity to try out these absolutely great tasting (and healthy) dinners.