Scott Janz October 10, 2016 0

A Look Behind the Documentary UNBOUNDED

Recently we had the pleasure of touching base with Film Director Garrett Martin who is the brainstorm behind the project UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary We were fascinated about how 4 people came together and said “yes” to trekking through Patagonia, not to mention trekking over 350 miles. We also wanted to know more about how to help promote his Kickstarter Project that is raising money for the Conservacion Patagonica, an organization that works to establish national parks in Patagonia for the protection and restoration of the environment and wildlife of the area

In this interview, Ariane Petrucci and Scott Janz discuss how he came up with the idea, when it starts, and how he got 4 people to participate in the film.

From the Unbounded Web Site:

‘Unbounded’ is an adventure-travel documentary following an unaided crew of four hailing from different corners of the globe as they hike and pack-raft over 1,500 km through the Patagonian region of South America. The expedition will take place from mid-December to mid-April, documenting the extreme and unique conditions of Patagonia and the surrounding area. The crew will base their trip along the “Greater Patagonian Trail,” (see below) trekking it in its entirety until their journey comes to an end in Patagonia National Park.

The interview that last’s about 15 minutes has some very cool moments as Garrett explains how he got the idea for the show. The film starts shooting in December of 2016. It was really fun to meet Garrett and we really hope that the whole team at Unbounded have a safe and exciting time on thier adventure.

To learn how you can help his project, please go visit his Kickstarter Project and help them raise some funds.