TheBackPacker October 12, 2016 0

Scott Gauvin talks about Gear Forward

We love our backpacking community so when we get a chance to actually talk to a fellow backpacker, we jump at it. Recently Scott Gauvin from reached out to us about his passion for getting gear to our Youth.  Scott is the Executive Director for Gear Forward.  What is Gear Forward?

Gear Forward, simply is about providing the next generation of stewards, adventurers, Scoutmasters and Girl Scout Leaders the resources they need to get outdoors. No child should be denied access to all the outdoors has to offer because they don’t have the necessary equipment. Through the collection of gently used outdoor gear, Gear Forward will work with other worthwhile youth and outdoor focused organizations to get donated gear into the hands that need it.

In this interview Scott explains how you can help donate your un-used gear, or old gear to kids that perhaps want to go camping but don’t have the money or racecourses to go.

So, what can YOU do to Donate: First, clean out your gear closet. WE all have one, and we all have gear we don’t use. Then go to and click on the GET INVOLVED Link.

So when you donate your old gear, and maybe looking to buy some new gear. You can visit Teton Sports and purchase gear using the coupon code LHX2017 to get 15% off your order.