Backpacking Clubs
Scott Janz November 14, 2016 2

Backpacking Clubs: Should you join one?

As technology has brought us more connected, is often why we head for the wilderness also.  It’s often argued that we are becoming desensitized to our surroundings. Often we  want to just get away and renew our soul with nature. However, with all the folklore of what happens to people while hiking alone in the woods, sometimes we look for people to hike with us. While backpacking/hiking clubs do have different meanings, a hiking club is often used to describe a group of individuals who regularly enjoy hiking, often together in groups. If you are an avid hiker or if you just enjoy going hiking, you may want to think about joining a hiking club. For one, hiking with someone that loves hiking just as much as you do can be fun and exciting. It is also important to mention safety. When you hike with multiple individuals, especially experienced backpackers/hikers, you are less likely to have an accident or find yourself in a dangerous situation. I have been on several long hikes before, and often wondered “what if I get hurt right now”. Although, one has to argue, hiking by yourself is very rewarding also.

One of the better places to find backpacking clubs is Google obviously. However, there are alternatives. has many hiking/backpacking clubs. You can tell right away if they are current or older clubs, how organized they are, and how many are expected are going on each outing.

Hiking with Others

Hiking with Others

The positive aspect of joining a outdoor club: 

When examining all of the benefits of joining a hiking club, it is important to remember that not all hiking clubs are the same. There are some hiking clubs where members only meet up for hiking adventures, but then there are hiking clubs that do much more. For instance, there are hiking clubs that have monthly or even weekly meetings. These meetings are often used to plan hiking trips, discuss the latest in hiking gear trends, and so forth. In all honesty, you will find that the benefits you are presented with will all depend on the hiking club that you choose to join.

When it comes to choosing a hiking club, there are a number of important factors that you should take into consideration. For example, you will find that many hiking clubs charge their members small monthly or yearly fees. You will want to find a hiking club that is easy to afford. You may also want to take your schedule into consideration as well. Do you have time to attend all monthly or even the weekly meetings? If your hiking club has scheduled meetings, you will want to attend them, not just attend the scheduled hiking adventures. This will help you grow comfortable with those that you will hike with and visa versa.

The negative aspect:

Some hiking clubs don’t understand the impact they have in the Wilderness. They will bring 30 or more people in the wilderness with little regard to Leave No Trace principals. These are the hiking/backpacking clubs to stay away from. These clubs are not concerned with being good stewards of our wilderness lands, they are more interested in being a dating service. Make sure you understand what kind of club you are joining.

Remember, meeting new people and sharing the backcountry can be a lifetime worth of memories. Have fun, but always make sure you are a voice for practicing good outdoor ethics.