Scott and Ariane January 14, 2018 0

Why you should buy the Equinox Tarp Tent

Ok folks, here we go. I totally understand most people will not go out and buy a tarp to sleep under in any weather condition. However, before you say “NO WAY”, let me argue my point.

Let me start off by saying that in over 10 years of sleeping under a Tarp, NOT ONE TIME have I ever regretted it. Being that it’s made out of Sil Nylon (which most lightweight tents are made of) it’s going to keep you dry even in a heavy rain storm (Which both Ariane and I have been in) But that’s not why we use it. It’s also very lightweight. All packed up in your pack, the Equinox 8×10 Tarp weighs in at only 14 ounces. AND, you can pitch the tarp in different ways depending on the terrain, and location. For example, you can hang a rope over a tree limb and pitch like a tee-pee. Or if it’s windy, pitch it lower to block the wind. Having said that, that’s not why we use it.

We use the Equinox Tarp Tent for one single reason. WE LOVE seeing the sunrise in the morning, WITHOUT getting out of our sleeping bags. Just laying there snugged up in our bags and turning over to watch sunrise is a special treat that you just can’t get in a tent. We also love it because when it’s raining, we can still cook under the tarp. Having a 360 panoramic view isn’t bad either.

We both love to connect with nature. What better way to connect with nature than be involved with it. Feeling the breeze, and seeing what’s around us. One time, we even had a Deer come right up to us under the Tarp. Had we been in a tent, we would have missed that.

Practicing Leave No Trace and NOT have food by us, ensures us that unwanted wildlife will stay away. We have never had an issue with any kind of wildlife interfering with us under our Tarp.

We have tarpped in snow, rain, cold, heat, high winds and even hail. Never has it a problem. If you would like to look at it further, visit our GEAR STORE and you can help support us.

A wise man once said “contempt prior to investigation”. Which means, don’t knock til you try it.

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