Scott and Ariane February 5, 2018 0

How to Hack New LED Lights for your RV

When it came time to start putting together our lighting plan, we knew right away we wanted to go all LED lighting. At the time we gutted our Lucy, we also took apart all of our lighting also, except for lights underneath our front end cap, which still worked.

Our decision to go all LED lighting was because of our Solar set up. LED burns brighter and 1/10th the power usage. Even though most LED lights for RV’s are expensive, they do in time pay for themselves. Unfortunately, they are expensive, and you have a very limited in design. Most LED fixtures you find specifically for RV’s are pretty generic in nature. It limits your ability to be creative.

When we bought are 76 Argosy, we had 5 ceiling fixtures (4 lights per fixture), two bedroom lights, one bathroom light, one kitchen light (on the wall), two front end (under the end cap) lights. We also had a porch light above the door. Adding up what it would cost to replace all these with LED lights was sure a jaw dropping reality. At almost 15 bucks a bulb, that would have been a 400.00 expense

We started looking for alternatives, and what we found was amazing. One day while looking at tiny living spaces at IKEA, we found a ton of LED lights. One particular brand was called DIODER. We noticed that all the led lights were strung on 12 volt wires, but had a 110 transformer on it so you could plug it into the wall or a regular household outlet. As we started looking around we found many IKEA lamps, and puck lights that were all 12 volt wired. All we had to do is to cut off the transformer and splice it into our 12 volt system.

Almost ALL RV trailer lights run on 12v DC power – even while connected to shore power.  Of course, when you are using shore power, you have a battery charger/converter charging your battery. However, when boondocking or off the grid you solely use your battery. So we use DC power only. This is why we wanted ALL our lights to be LED.

For 25 dollars, we were able to buy a package of 3 LED Puck lights that were all wired together with one switch. Once we found the Ground wire, and the HOT wire, we were able to splice them into our existing 12 volt wiring system and put on our own switch. We bought a total of 3 packages give us 12 LED Puck lights.

Each light comes with screws to attach to the ceiling or even under a kitchen counter or anyway you want. We used these as a replacement for our ceiling lights.

We also found replacement 1383 LED bulbs for our front end cap under lighting, and LED lights for our porch light. We used Automobile Dash LED lights to use as a porch light.