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Scott and Ariane June 7, 2018 0

Episode 61: Gadgets Need Them or Leave ‘Em?

On this episode you’ll get to vote on the top 7 wackiest outdoor gadgets, determining their worth.  In the spirit of summer, whether it’s hiking – backpacking – kayaking or car camping – we share with you gadgets that make you say… “WHAT?!”

What we talk about:

  • It’s a Coffee Grinder, It’s a Light, It’s both
  • You can’t cook soup in it
  • It’s all about charging your cell phone….sheesh
  • Cardboard Grill? Really?
  • We predict a Gear Review coming down the pike
  • Is it really the “coolest”? We don’t think so

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Which products would  you BRING OR LEAVE?

  1.  LUME is a rechargeable travel burr coffee grinder that yields coffee shop grade grounds. It’s also a 150 Lumen bright camp light. Launched on Kickstarter September 2017 and received tremendous love from all the specialty coffee and outdoor enthusiasts out there.  Check out the fun project video we made for the project on the left! Get one from here.

THE ULTIMATE SOLAR COOKING PACKAGE – Contains a GoSun Sport and everything you need to make full use of it, including a durable padded Carrying Case for secure travel and an extra Cooking Tray for prepping your next dish. GoSun anywhere!
BOIL LIQUIDS – With the addition of the GoSun Brew, the Sport now has the ability to boil up to 14 ounces of liquid.
EASY AND DELICIOUS – Just load with food and relax, no monitoring required. The stove retains your food’s flavor and nutrition cooking from 360°, like a slow cooker, but faster. Bake, roast, steam and saute, nothing is off limits! When finished cooking, just keep the tray closed to keep your food hot and ready to eat for hours, no Sun required.
FAST AND RELIABLE – Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) in full sunlight. Light clouds on the radar? No problem! The GoSun Sport is so effective at capturing ultraviolet light and holding its heat, that if you can see a defined shadow, you can cook!
PORTABLE AND DURABLE – Reflectors and base fold into a sturdy 7.5lb clamshell case with carrying handles. Completely submersible and designed for adventure, these stoves can take a beating.

Check it out on Amazon HERE


 Turn fire into electricity! CampStove 2 generates 3 watts of usable electricity and stores it in it’s internal powerbank for USB charging of LED lights, mobile phones, and other devices. The internal, rechargeable 2600 mAh battery stores excess power to charge devices, even without a live fire.
USB charge output with 50% more power than our previous CampStove 1, with updated thermoelectrics creating even more electricity from fire, and Smart LED Dashboard gives you real time feedback on fire strength, power output and fan speed settings Internal jets have 4 fan speed settings to circulate air for improved combustion and efficiency to boil 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes Lightweight aluminum legs fold up for nested portability and durability for camping, backpacking or power outages The FlexLight is a portable, pliable USB gooseneck for quick, controlled light and internal fire-starter makes setup a breeze.

Check it out on Amazon HERE

4. CASUSGRILL Eco Frienly bio degrable cooking grill

In a world filled with new & functional appliances we are confident you will live and love the all-new, ingenious, instant, disposable, biodegradable CasusGrill! We have employed 100% sustainable all natural elements like bamboo, lava stone and cardboard to construct a truly effective single-use grill that gives everyone the freedom to quickly and naturally grill their favorite foods into a delicious crispy BBQ finish anytime anywhere in the great American outdoors.

CasusGrill OxyliteTM bamboo charcoal cakes are easy to light without the need for any lighter fluids and reach even grilling temperature in 5 minutes then stay hot for more than 60 minutes. Pure in form and simple to use it will be your every occasion sustainable disposable grill.

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Rope 3/16 Inch x 50 Feet – 2 Pack (Totally recommended)

Diamond braided for extra strength
Great for overnight camping or boating
Safe working load: 80 Lbs

Buy it here on Amazon


80% cotton
96% Nylon, 3% Elastane, 1% Cuff Elastic
An ultra light, ankle length sock with a highly visibile coloured cuff
Suitable for biking, dog walking and running during warmer seasons when there is a need to keep dry feet
Outer Shell: 96% Nylon, 3% Elastane, 1% Cuff Elastic
Interlining: Porelle Membrane and Inner Sock: 70% Cotton, 30% Nylon

Buy them HERE on Amazon


Built-in ice-crushing blender with 20V rechargeable battery for cocktails and smoothies.
Splash-proof, and loud Bluetooth speaker for hours of music.
55 Quart Coolest is truly built to last, and can support over 600lb
Extra thick insulation for up to 5 days of ice retention
Built-in USB charger, LED lid light, bottle opener make your picnic a picnic

Check it out here on Amazon