Scott & Ariane

We love the outdoors. Even more important, we love to share the outdoors and meet new explorers all the time. In our 1976 Airstream Argosy, we travel all over the country inspiring and motivating people to adventure outdoors. What makes us different? We challenge you! We teach you the basics of an outdoor lifestyle. Backpacking, Kayaking, Camping, Rafting, Climbing, Hiking, we do it all. Whether it’s hiking a trail, fording a river, or watching a sunset on top of a mountain, it can be the most rewarding experience you will ever have.  But we really love FUN! We help introduce people to the sport of adventure, provide a way for local people to network, and expand general knowledge of the outdoors.

Our Adventures

We offer people who want a fun outdoor social experience and meet a like minded community. We have many different types of outdoor activities.

Awards Winner

Selected Best Outdoor Blog in 2016. Co-Hosted #hikerchat with Teton Sports and work with Gear Forward to find gear for kids who want to experience the outdoors.

Outdoor Adventures

Our Full Moon Adventure Trips have been rated some of the best outdoor backpacking trips to go on. Look for an outdoor trip in a wilderness near you!


We travel all over the Country to inspire and challenge you to hit the trail

  • 825 Camping Trips
  • 10,000 Miles of Trails
  • 250 New Backpackers
Inspire and Motivate

to get OUTDOORS!

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We travel all over the Country to help challenge you to explore. You want to learn more about camping, backpacking, kayaking? We can help!!!