Hey everyone! Very excited to be section hiking the AT. All the gear that has a * next to it is what I’m using.

My total pack weight including 2 liters of water and food is….25.8 lbs.  My base weight including Backpack, Sleeping Bag, and Tent is 6.54 lbs.  If you have any questions about my gear, please post and I will answer. Also, if you would like to schedule a one on one LIVE discussion on planning your hike or gear, ASK US!

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[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Rating[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half] Osprey Women’s Aura 50 AG Pack-4.15 lbs
*Hyperlite Mountain Southwest 3400 Pack – 2.02 lbs[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]Good, but heavy[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Quality Packs[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Love it, but can be pricey [/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter] Very Lightweight[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half]


*Nemo Hornet 2P Tent 2.5 lbs[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Rating[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter]

[mks_one_quarter]Does the Job. Expensive[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]very lightweight[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half]

Sleeping Bags

*REI Joule 23 700 fill Duck Down Bag 2.02 lbs
Marmot Aspen 40 Down Ultralight [/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Rating[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter]

[mks_one_quarter]Hate the color[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]There is better[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]No longer sold[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Look on Ebay[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half]

Sleeping Pads

REI Flash Sleeping Pad REG. 15 oz
*Nemo Tensor Insulated Air Pad REG. 15 oz [/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Rating[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter]

[mks_one_quarter]Pops a lot/3 returns[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Good price point[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Very Compactable[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Lighweight[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half]


*Homemade Alcohol Stove (.75 oz)
MSR Pocket Rocket
*Snow Peak Titanium Cookware(.02 oz)
*TOAKS Titanium 900 Mil Pot 3.6 oz
*Sea to Summit Alpha Light Fork
[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Rating[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter]

[mks_one_quarter]Fun to MYOG[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Very lightweight[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Heavy[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Non Recyclable[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Brand name = $$[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Look for TOAKS[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Awesome Titanium Gear[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]A must buy[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Lightweight Titanium Gear[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Love Sea to Summit Gear[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half]

Water Filtration

*Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System 2.5 oz
[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Rating[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter]

[mks_one_quarter]Very lightweight[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]MYOG gravity system[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half]


*Marmot PreCip® Jacket Women’s
*Marmot Women’s Jena Jacket
*Arcteryx Women’s Solita Jersey
[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Ratings[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter]

[mks_one_quarter]Tried and True[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Best buy![/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Great Puffy[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Lightweight/Compact[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Mid weight Layer[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Quality made[/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col]

This is my normal Basic Gear List. When teaching new backpackers I stress lightweight techniques. This list is good place to start. We occasionally switch out gear and buy additional gear that is on sale or based on Elevation and Geographical locations.

Clothing: The best rule of thumb is to make sure both your undergarments, and your inner layers are made of “wicking” material. Usually nylon or polyester. “Wicking” means your clothes dry fast and quick and don’t hold moisture.

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*REI Lightweight Base Layer Half-Zip Top – Women’s
[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]My Ratings[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Notes[/mks_one_quarter]


[mks_one_quarter]Wicks very quickly[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Good buy![/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col] [mks_col] [mks_one_half]


Arcyeryx Women’s Delta AR Zip Neck Midlayer [/mks_one_half]


[mks_one_quarter]Wicks very quickly[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Good buy![/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col]

Insulating Layer

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Marmot Women’s Jena Jacket [/mks_one_half] [mks_one_quarter]Wicks very quickly[/mks_one_quarter] [mks_one_quarter]Good buy![/mks_one_quarter] [/mks_col]

Camp shoe (At base camp or for crossing Streams)

  • Crocs (size 9) 12 0z

Stuff sacks (5, Strong, waterproof)

  • Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Dry Sac (camp clothes, hiking clothes, food, sleeping bag, and electronics- a must for camp clothes and sleeping bag minimally)

Water reservoir (2-3L; Playpus and CamelBak common bladders)

  • Platypus 3-L

First aid kit (the 10 essentials on a Budget Video)

  • Antiseptic Wipes (2)
  • Triple Antibiotic Cream (tiny tube)
  • Ibuprofun
  • Sewing Needle
  • Duct tape
  • Leukotape
  • Emergency Fire Starter (Cotton wool balls in Vaseline)

Head lamp (Lightweight)

  • Black Diamond Storm
  • Petzl Tikka

Hiking Poles

  • Leki Corklite
  • Black Diamond Ultra Lite Z-Pole