Trust the Trail Podcast
Scott and Ariane March 15, 2018 0

Episode 49: It’s Not The Summit, It’s The Journey

This episode is based solely on one quote:  "The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other...again and again and again. And if you allo...

Scott and Ariane March 14, 2018 0

How To Renovate An Airstream Argosy

Bringing back a 40 year old camper is not an easy task. There are some things we wish we would have known before we dove into the deep.  Let’s start with a l...

Scott and Ariane March 9, 2018 0

Restoring a 40 year old Airstream Shower Pan

When we first bought our Argosy is was apparent that things were old, and needed desperate repair. Of course there is always the option to buy "new". What is...

Trust the Trail Podcast
Scott and Ariane March 8, 2018 0

Episode 48: Do I Drink The Water?

On this episode we discuss water filtration vs water purification and what is best for you. So, what really is the difference between a backpacking water fil...

Ariane Petrucci March 5, 2018 0

Top 5 Trail Snacks To Help Provide Energy

For most, hitting the trail is not only great exercise but good for the soul. For others, it's an endurance backpacking trip that can take you miles before y...

Trust the Trail Podcast
Scott and Ariane March 1, 2018 0

Episode 47: Backpacking Bootcamp

On this episode we discuss what new backpackers should know and offer you tips on how to get started. In the end we will share with you a practical exercise ...