North Rim – Grand Canyon 04-29-18

We will do a 5 day backpack trip in the most remote part of the Grand Canyon and see the beauty the Grand Canyon can deliver. This will is called Deer Creek to Thunder River. It’s a 14 mile epic round trip that takes you from the North Rim down to the Colorado River.


This is the full experience of the Grand Canyon with a little Full Moon included. One of our favorite trips.  If you are interested in an epic backpacking trip to the Canyon bottom and who want to see the Canyon without all the tourist’s this is the trip for you.  The Grand Canyon boasts some of the best views in the Grand Canyon and follows the most moderate routes down and back up.

We’ll begin by hiking down to the Esplanade, a fantastic camp perched above the deeper layers of the Grand Canyon. From there we’ll hike past Thunder River (appropriately named as it literally erupts from the side of a mountain) and follow Tapeats Creek to the Colorado River. After traversing part of the Colorado River we’ll head back up Deer Creek, make camp, and explore its beautiful terraces, narrows, and the magnificent Deer Creek waterfall. The following two days will be spent returning to the North Rim. .


Day 1:
Shuttle Drive to Trailhead – Orientation and Packing – Begin the Hike 4.5 miles to first nights camp on the Esplande. It is a large area with many places to camp. We can do more then 4.5 if the group wants and make the next day shorter.

Day 2:
Continue down to Deer Creek explore the Dutton Spring, Throne Room, Tapeats Narrows and the famous “Patio”. 6.5 miles CAMP UNDER THE FULL MOON

Day 3:
**Hike over to Tapeats Creek along the Colorado River and camp at Lower Tapeats or Upper Tapeats. There are creek crossings. Should not be a concern. 6.5 miles

Day 4:
Hike back up to the Esplande passing and relaxing at Thunder River along the way. 6 miles

Day 5:
Back to the world above and 4 hour drive back to Flgstaff to our Hotel.
Day 6: Early next morning, Shuttle back to the Phoenix Airport telling tall stories about our epic adventure. Hug our Pets. (time depends on flight times)

**Trip Itinerary depends on the National Park Service granting OUR Itinerary. So, having said that, a few camp sites and routes could change. 3 weeks ago I submitted a permit request for a much more popular trip and was approved as of yesterday with minor changes. I expect the same here.

Trip Leaders

I love this trip. One of my favorites. A few years ago we did this trip and it started snowing on the North Rim.  There is so much to take in you’re mind will be racing with excitement. Sitting next to the Colorado River having morning coffee is just too much.

The coolest part of this trip is never having a bad view. EVER! Don’t worry if it’s starts raining either, we’ll just camp in a cave with a view. Thunder River, Deer Creek are something that doesn’t even seem real when you come upon it.


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