Okefenokee Swamp Paddle 2 Night Trip 3/20/18

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to a pre-historic era when huge birds flew and swamp filled the lands? Well, we have a trip for you. Come Paddle with us to the Okefenokee Swamp and visit a pre-historic land like no other.

The Okefenokee Swamp will be one of the most breathtaking experiences you will EVER have.  From paddling under a canopy of Spanish Moss to standing on ground that feels like a sponge. This paddle through the mirrored black waters of the swamp will blow you away.

It’s abundant wildlife will leave you in awe. YES, there are gators, sometimes a lot. But Gators in general are very shy and do NOT like Kayaks or Canoes. They are curious by nature and often just want to sneak a peak at who is coming down the Canal.

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    Pricing changes to 350.oo a person on February 28st.
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Experienced Guided Trip
Kayak or Canoe w/Paddles
Dinner Included First Night
Permits for overnight
Park Fees
Parking Pass

This 3 day 2 night trip will give you a very unique experience in the Okefenokee Swamp. We traverse some of the most beautiful and oldest part of the Swamp. Including thousand year old Cypress Trees. We will paddle through inner lakes, prairies, and thin canals. The highlight of the Trip will be a visit to Floyds Island where an old cabin still stands today, giving you the option of staying IN THE CABIN. We will also have a campfire that night to share some of our paddle experiences together.

The Okefenokee Swamp is a shallow, 438,000-acre (1,770 km2), peat-filled wetland straddling the Georgia–Florida line in the United States. A majority of the swamp is protected by the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and the Okefenokee Wilderness. The Okefenokee Swamp is considered to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. The Okefenokee is the largest “blackwater” swamp in North America.

The name Okefenokee is attested with more than a dozen variant spellings of the word in historical literature. Though often translated as “land of trembling earth,” the name is likely derived from Hitchiti oki fanô?ki “bubbling water”


Upon Booking. You will receive a downloadable copy of this Itinerary.

We ALL meet at Traders Hill Campground ON 3/20/18 (the official start of our trip) the night before. We have campsites reserved for everyone and will let you know which spot you will be setting up at. Traders Hill Campground has hot showers and plenty of room for tents. Picnic tables and huge Spanish Moss Trees are the landscape.

DAY 1 : Everyone MUST be up and ready to go at 8AM SHARP. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this. IN ORDER TO BE ISSUED YOUR PERMITS TO GO, YOU MUST BE ON TIME! If you are late, you risk your opportunity to join us on this adventure!

Please be respectful and eat breakfast prior to this meeting time – thank you.

WE WILL BE ON THE WATER NO LATER THAN 9AM! Your gear needs to be organized to the best of your ability prior to arriving at our entry point – it will be essential to us meeting our time frames. Your lunch and snacks this day will need to be accessible from a seated position in your boat.

DAY 1 ROUTE : Suwannee Canal Rec Area to Round Top Camp Platform distance 10 miles

Approximate paddling time should be 6-7 hours, depending on our speed as a group. There will be a lunch platform for day use only to take a bathroom break and stretch legs.

DAY 2 : Round Top Camp Platform to Floyds Island total paddling distance 6 miles.

Total Paddle time will be 4 hours.

This is your chance to really stretch those legs! We will be camping on one of the swamps only two accessible islands.
There is an old historic fishing house – you will have the option to camp inside or outside in front of the house. There is a fire pit and a picnic table. We plan to have a roaring fire, enjoying a spacious camp on land!

Relatively speaking the island is small, though after two days of being confined to a boat and platforms, it’ll likely feel like a continent! There are several walking trails and plenty of exploration to experience. Explore at your own leisure. OPTION: Portage to the other side of the Island and do a leisurely paddle through enchanting tree tunnels.

DAY 3 :  Floyds Island back to the Suwannee Rec Area. This is the time to see lot’s of wildlife and the beauty of the swamp.

Total paddling distance 13 miles.

Once again, we will stop for a bathroom break and lunch, and stretch those legs!

We will be exiting at Suwannee Rec Area (where we started)– Our cars will be right there waiting for us….

For those who want to spend the night we are heading to Stephen C. Foster to meet our other group and will be paddling on our overnight trip, we will be cooking up a storm. Come camp with us. To make reservations, please go to www.reservation.gov  Make sure you book early enough.

What to Bring

GEAR To Bring: Upon Booking you will recieve a downloadable copy of what to bring.

sleeping bag (dry bag)
sleeping pad
tent (dry bag)
cooking set / fuel
rope to hang food headlamp / extra batteries
durable rope to tie your boat to dock – must be at least 5 to 7ft
suitable dry bags – at least three bags per person (for your sleeping bag, clothing, food) Water could get in your Kayak or Canoe
portable urination dispenser, if desired though not required
first aid kit – additional bug spray, anti itch, benedryl and sting relief recommended

one pair long pants
one pair long johns / warm bottoms to sleep in one short sleeve shirt
two long sleeve shirt
down jacket / or warm jacket – expect chilly nights rain jacket – REQUIRED
rain pants – OPTIONAL
water shoes / or sandles for while in the boat lightweight sandles /or camp shoes for the evenings underwear / socks / etc

items in your kayak in will get wet. With the evenings anticipated to get chilly, keeping at least one pair of dry clothing will be essential!


3 LUNCHES – keep lunches and snacks accessible for easy access
2 DINNERS – Traders Hill Campground and 2 nights of platform camping
SNACKS sufficient enough for 3 full days
WATER – 1 GALLON OF DRINKING WATER PER PERSON / PER DAY MUST BE CARRIED IN WITH YOU! There are no guaranteed fresh water sources in the swamp therefore water filtration is not a viable option! Please pack in ALL water.

Use screw on top only water bottle to drink from while in the boat durable water resistant food bag to hang your food in at night durable cord to hang food bag with underneath shelter.


lightweight camping chair
camera / waterproof casing for camera or phone bug spray – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
bug netting sunscreen
hat / sunglasses
biking gloves / or something to protect your hands from blistering

About your Guides

Ariane guiding trips in the swamp

Ariane Petrucci will be guiding us through the routes of the swamp. She has done multiple trips over the years throughout the swam and knows it very well.

She is a Leave No Trace Trainer and is certified in Wilderness First Aid.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at us@thebackpacker.tv


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