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Airstream Life

We both knew we could no longer live without owning an Airstream Argosy 28? twin bed center bath model.

We had unexpectedly seen one, fell deeply in love and blindly allowed it to change our life’s course permanently. For a solid month, every moment was occupied with learning about and searching for our new home. In April 2016 we found her proudly displayed and rusting away in central Kentucky.

How to Hack New LED Lights for your RV

When it came time to start putting together our lighting plan, we knew right away we wanted to go all ...
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Renovating our Vintage Airstream Electrical pt.1

Renovation our vintage Airstream is certainly a labor of love. It's not always easy and sometimes pretty frustrating, but all ...
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How to convert a Vintage Airstream to Ecco Friendly

When we bought a vintage Airstream from the 70's, both of us knew that it would be a huge project ...
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How we Insulated a 40 Year Old Airstream

One of the biggest decisions we made was how to insulate our vintage Airstream.  First, a little history lesson. Old ...
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New Subfloor

We have big news! Our new subfloor went in this weekend and it’s pretty damn exciting. It wasn’t as hard ...
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She’s an amazing RV stripper

I must admit, never did I think the words; “she’s an amazing stripper” would ever utter out of my mouth when describing my significant ...
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How to remove a Airstream Subfloor

In any Airstream you are going to rehab, you quickly learn that the Sub-flloor isn’t just laying on the frame ...
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Lucy has secrets

Lucy has secrets! When we purchased her we knew there had been another inhabits. She’s 40 years of for gods ...
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And so it begins

It seemed easy enough. Just take out the old stuff, and put in new stuff. How hard could that be…? ...
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Renovating an Airstream on a Farm

We knew from the beginning we were planning to remodeling our vintage Airstream named Lucille. Not just a short paint ...
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Never Over 60

Being newbies in the whole “pulling the camper trailer gig”, we never even heard of the word “sway”. All we ...
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5 things to know before buying a vintage Airstream

When we were considering buying a tiny home we contemplated how that would mesh into our lifestyle. Very early on ...
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