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Scott and Ariane January 4, 2018 0

Damascus Trail Days

Come celebrate one of the most hiked trails in the Country. The Appalachian Trail goes right through the town of Damascus Virginia and is celebrated each year with thousands of people visiting what’s called “The friendliest town” on the trail.¬† Damascus, VA is a mountain town with a population of 940 people, yet open up their town to just about everyone.

What is Trail Days? Trail Days is simply a celebration of the Appalachian Trail. There are Gear Vendors, Speakers, A Hiker Talent Show, and lots, and lots of Backpackers, Hikers, and Trail Legends.

There are two ways to stay in Damascus during Trail Days. One is at a B&B (better reserve quickly for that) and the other is straight out camping in “Tent City”. Why do we call it tent city? Because there are literally thousands of tents staked out in the woods.

Inside Tent City, there are laundry services, hot showers, first aid services, and lots of food.

Join us during Trail Days where we will enjoy all the fun, and food, the town of Damascus has to offer.

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